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Kodiak Stealth

Starting at $13,950

The Kodiak was designed from the ground up to have a rugged look. It is perfect for those looking to make their great escape in an adventure style teardrop with the added headroom of 5′ tall ceilings! Stand on the flat wheel wells that hold over 350 Lbs! Load your kayaks, roof box, or even a rooftop tent on our optional roof rack that can support up to 350 Lbs! Add in the standard brakes, dinette seating, and queen size bed and you are ready for your next outdoor adventure!

Built For Adventure. Built To Last.

The Kodiak Stealth is now our best selling camper. Feeding off the same concept and dimensions of our famous Grizzly Bear camper, the Kodiak Stealth was designed with a rugged look and given heavy-duty stand on flat fenders. The Kodiak Stealth is the only Rustic Trail camper that comes with a painted exterior, finished in an awesome gunmetal grey. Coming in at only 1,525 Lbs. the Kodiaks Stealth can be towed by most small SUVs and vans.

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Kodiak Stealth Key Standard Features

✔  Heavy-duty 3,500 Lb. rated axle with 15″ tires with full-size spare

✔  Standard electric brakes

✔  Foam board insulated roof + radiant barrier (new for 2021)

✔  Standard 2″ rear receiver for bikes or cargo

✔  Standard MaxxAir vent/fan

✔  Heavy-duty flat stand on fenders

✔  Front interior power strip with USB ports

✔  15 Amp shore power connection

✔  Interior LED lighting

✔  Dual USB charging ports located in the rear

✔  Two sliding windows with screens and locks

✔  Front door with separating screen door

✔  Two folding rear stabilizer jacks

Your Kodiak Stealth. Your Way.

We want you to love your camper and that starts with customizing it to make it your own. With over fifteen different options available you can select the ones that are most important to you to maximize your camping enjoyment.

Available Kodiak Stealth Options

AGM Battery Kit
The battery kit runs the interior LED lights, MaxxAir fan, rear USB charging ports, and outside porch light. The kit comes with an outside solar-ready port | Weighs 70 Lbs.
5,000 BTU A/C
Includes custom vent cover to keep AC clean and protected | Weighs 40 Lbs.
Deluxe MaxxAir Fan
Upgrades the standard fan: 10 speeds (Standard fan has 4), Integrated Thermostat, Built-in Rain Shield, Intake & Exhaust Function (Standard fan has exhaust only)
Full Roof Rack
Our roof rack system can hold up to 350 Lbs. | Weighs 20 Lbs.
Front Rack
Holds up to 250 Lbs. of gear and extra equipment | Weighs 95 Lbs.
A-Frame Box 450x350 Sized
A-Frame Tongue Box
Durable poly tounge box. Perfect for storing tools and gear. | Weighs 22 Lbs.
Aluminum Rims
Your RTTC will already come with 15″ rims and tires, however, this option will upgrade them from the standard black steel rims to aluminum rims along with a matching spare. Rim design and finish may vary.
Upgrade Front Cabinetry
Kodiak exclusive - the upgraded front cabinets have a beautiful one-piece design, a tall cabinet with door, upgrades the two drawers to ball bearing slides, upgrades the cabinet & drawer pulls, and moves the AC near the main entry door. – Note: Design is subject to tweaks (Adds 50 lbs.)
ARB Awning
The ARB is rugged & durable. Designed to be strong and easy to setup, the awning features anodized height-adjustable telescopic legs. Note: Requires the full roof rack option. | Weighs 35 Lbs.
Kodiak with optional rear shelf
Upper Rear Shelf
This new option in the Kodiak adds a rear shelf over the head of the bed. Perfect for books or charging your phone via the USB ports located below it. | Weighs 15 Lbs.
Outside Table
Clips on to the door side of the camper. Perfect for cooking on | Weighs 15 Lbs.
Lagun Table Upgrade
The Lagun Table upgrades the post that holds the dinette table. The Lagun Table swivels 360 degrees and is height adjustable. This option was requested by many current RTTC owners.
Interior Lighting Package
Add night vision to your RTTC! This option upgrades two of the four interior lights that toggle between white and red light for improved nighttime visibility. One light will be located near the door and the other on the opposite side in the rear.
Kodiak with optional rear lifting bed
Hinged Rear Section of Bed
Requires the standard trim package. Lift the rear section of the bed when the camper is in dinette mode. This allows for an additional way to access your gear in the rear section of the camper.
24″ Tall Upgraded Vinyl Wrap
Back by popular demand! Customize your Bear and and add a splash of color! Five different matte colors available Woodgrain texture also available (Vinyl will measure approx. 24" tall with the rest of camper remaining grey )


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Kodiak Stealth dry weight: 1,525 Lbs. (with cabinet + bed package)
  • Tongue weight: 150 Lbs.
  • Interior width: 5′
  • Interior length: 10′
  • Interior height: 5′
  • Total exterior width: 80″
  • Total exterior length: 13′
  • Total exterior height: 80.5″ (84″ with optional roof rack)
  • Ground clearance: 14″
  • Axle type: Heavy duty leaf spring 3,500 lb. rated

For more detailed dimensions and specifications please click here

Please note: All trailer weights used in product literature and other promotional materials, does not include
cargo, options, or other installed accessories. Please refer to the options above to see the approximate weights of optional equipment.

The Kodiak Stealth dry weight is 1,525 Lbs. (standard trim) before any installed options and cargo is added. We recommend that you check your vehicles owners manual for the specifications and towing capacity of your car. Please note that the Kodiak Stealth comes standard with electric trailer brakes. Please click here to learn more about the braking system.

Our current estimated lead time for all models is 16 months.

Why is your lead time so long? Our lead time is determined by the number of orders in our queue. We build each camper one at a time, not on an assembly line. In the past few years word has gotten out about Rustic Trail’s quality for the affordable prices we offer. This has driven up the demand for our campers. While we could increase production, however, we refuse to compromise on the quality that we are known for. We think that is worth the wait.

Do you have any premade units or used campers? We keep no units in stock and we currently do not sell any used campers.

Rustic Trail Teardrops does not have any dealerships. We choose to sell directly to you to keep prices as low as possible.

Do you have a showroom? Yes, our showroom and shop is located in beautiful Pilot Mountain, NC. Please note that we are open by appointment only – to schedule a appointment please click here. 

All campers inside our showroom are pre-sold and we cannot guarantee that all models and options will be available for viewing.

Yes, we can help coordinate shipping for you.

How much does shipping cost? Most drivers charge around $1.50 per mile one way from Pilot Mountain, NC. Your final shipping costs cannot be determined till your camper is complete ready to ship out.

Do you ship to Canada? We do not ship to Canada. If you live in Canada we can ship your camper to the closest US State for you to pick up.

Our goal at RTTC is to build a camper that you are happy with. In order to do this we offer over 9 different options. If you do not see an option listed that is specific to the model you are looking at we most likely do not offer it.

In order to keep production on time for all campers we can only offer minor customizations. For any questions please email steve.rustictrail@gmail.com 

Bathrooms: At Rustic Trail Teardrops it is our goal to build a simple, easy to maintain, long-lasting camper. Because of this, we do not offer any bathrooms, doing so would add plumbing and holding tanks that would require winterization, more maintenance, and further complicate the camping experience. Some of our customers have added a small portable toilet that fits perfectly under the dinette seat of the Grizzly, Kodiak, and Polar. That toilet can be found here.

Kitchens: One thing that makes Rustic Trail Teardrops different than other campers in its class is our unique interiors. All models of our campers are more than just a bed on wheels. Our elevated RV queen-sized beds offer a comfortable sleeping experience and a small walkway to get changed not laying down, our cabinetry adds thoughtfully designed storage, and the available dinette in the Grizzly& Kodiak gives a place of refuge to eat and play games on rainy days. Adding a rear galley kitchen would consume the majority of this interior space. Furthermore, our camper designs create a solid one-piece seamless roof that prevents leaks, a rear galley would eliminate this with its hinge located in the rear of the roof, further adding to the risk of leaks.

If there is no kitchen then where do I cook? Great question! Most of our customers either use a portable Blackstone Griddle that requires no pots and pans or they bring a small portable kitchen. For washing dishes, we recommend a Collapsible Wash Basin and portable water container.

At Rustic Trail Teardrops we offer an optional 5,000 BTU air conditioner on all of our models. The AC is powered when the camper is plugged into the standard 15 amp shore power connection.

We currently do not offer any factory installed heating source. However, our campers are small and it does not take much to heat up the inside. We recommend a portable electric heater such as this one
we have personally camped in temperatures  down to – 2 °F degrees in our Kodiak Stealth – we used the portable heater when available with this sleeping bag and warm blankets.



Do you have questions about the Kodiak Stealth camper? Please email Steve at steve.rustictrail@gmail.com


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