RTTC Staff

Take a moment to meet the people behind the campers! The Rustic Trail Teardrop staff work hard every day to make camping affordable, easy, and fun! They are constantly tweaking their campers to make them more efficient and to ensure that they have some of the best features on the market. If you have any questions for our staff please feel free to reach out to us at rustictrlteardrops@gmail.com

Levi & Magon Staff Photo
Levi & Magon Sechrist
2nd Generation Owners

Levi & Magon are the 2nd generation owners of RTTC. They love camping and exploring God’s wondrous creations. They relish the feeling of a warm cozy fire, roasting marshmallows, and enjoying the sounds the night brings.

Kathy & John Staff Photo
Jonathan & Kathy Sechrist
1st Generation Owners

Jonathan & Kathy Sechrist are the original founders and owners of Rustic Trail Teardrops. They set out on a mission to build great campers that were affordable, handcrafted, and simple to use. They want to give everyone a chance to explore the great outdoors and create new memories along the way.

Steve & Amberly Staff Photo
Steve & Amberly Russell
Director of Marketing & Business Development

Steve & Amberly Russell love camping and exploring the great outdoors! Graduates of Liberty University (Steve) and Utah State (Amberly) they are both full-time teachers and use their summer break to tow their RTTC around the country! Steve and Amberly are responsible for promoting the RTTC brand in the New England area and designing digital marketing material.

Jim Staff Photo
Jim & Annette Cook
RTTC Ambassador

Jim & Annette love everything RTTC. They work tirelessly promoting the campers and are leaders in the RTTC community. The desire for Rustic trail Teardrops to be more than just a company that builds great campers. They want it to be a company that promotes great friendships.