Rustic Trail LLC terms and conditions. By placing an order you are agreeing to all of the following:

Please fill out the order form as it is written on your driver’s license so that the trailer title will match. *** To keep prices down, RTTC reserves the right to use products based on availability that may have minor cosmetic defects. By ordering a camper you are agreeing to this statement and will not hold RTTC liable for the minor cosmetic defects.

Deposit Refund Policy: If the current lead time allows for an initial $500 down payment, that payment is non-refundable. Once the remaining deposit amount is paid the deposit is refundable minus a 20% fee. Please note that if the deposit is not paid in full on time your order will be canceled. 
The deposit amounts are as follows:
Koala Bear: $2,500
Papa Bear: $3,000
Grizzly Bear: $3,500
Kodiak Stealth: $4,000
Polar Bear: $4,000

Final Payment Policy: When you come to pick-up your camper or if shipping is arranged before it is delivered the remaining balance will be due. You may pay this with a credit card, cash, or certified check. Personal checks will NOT be accepted. If the camper is not picked up or delivery is not arranged within 1 month of your completion date there will be a $50 a month storage fee.

Completion: Completion/delivery dates are not guaranteed and are subject to change.

Camper Model Prices: Due to longer than average lead times prices on materials may go up, requiring a price increase on our camper model prices even after ordering. Camper model prices will be finalized 4 months before your build completion date when the remaining part of your deposit is due.

Option Prices: All option prices are estimates and are subject to change according to the market price. Option prices for your build will be finalized 4 months before your completion date when the remaining part of the deposit is due.

Product Changes: Rustic Trail Teardrops reserves the right to make refinements and changes during the model year, including but not limited to materials, components, colors, and specifications without notice.

Custom Fee: Please note, any custom work (added accessories not normally offered by RTTC, reconfiguration of the interior of the camper in any way, or any other form of custom work) will be charged a flat rate of a $95 fee plus the cost of parts.

Service Labor Fee: Any services rendered by RTTC beyond picking up your camper will be charged at a rate of $50/hr.

Towing: To ensure that your vehicle is ready to tow your new Rustic Trail Teardrop Camper please refer to our starter guide here and recommended camping accessories. Please note that RTTC does not have the ability to install any vehicle wiring, trailer hitches, towing ball, or brake controllers. It is your responsibility to ensure you are ready to tow prior to the pick-up appointment. Please refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine your max towing capacity to ensure that your vehicle is equipped to tow the trailer you are ordering and all of the options you have selected. Rustic Trail Teardrops will not be held liable to vehicle damage both mechanical or cosmetic due to towing either over the vehicles towing capacity, tongue weight, or improper towing in general.