Affordable, Handcrafted, Easy to Tow Campers!

Five Models To Choose From!

Koala Bear

Starting at $4,950
Est. Weight 1,000 Lbs. | 5' Tall
Koala Info

Papa Bear

Starting at $6,700
Weighs 1,175 Lbs. | 4' Feet Tall
Papa Info

Grizzly Bear

Starting at $7,700
Weighs 1,425 Lbs. | 5' Feet Tall
Grizzly Info

Kodiak Stealth

Starting at $8,450
Weighs 1,475 Lbs. | 5' Tall
Kodiak Info

Polar Bear

Starting at $8,750
Weighs 1,600 Lbs. | 6' Feet Tall
Polar Info

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Rustic Trail Provides Value for Money!

Key Standard Features

3,500 Lb Frame

Teardrop Camper Frame

Electric Brakes

Steep grade ahead sign near woods

15`` Tires & Spare

Grizzly Red Stripe Outside Tire 4
Personalize Your Camper!

Options Galore

Available options vary on each model
Noco Genius Gen 1 Mini

Battery Kit

$360 | Weighs: 50 Lbs.
This Option Includes:

  • Deep-cycle battery in a box
  • Battery Charger
  • Power strip located in the front
  • Dual USB ports at the head of the bed
  • Solar port on the outside

Rustic Trail makes it easy to customize and upgrade your camper!

AC for teardrop camper

Air Conditioner

$410 | Weighs: 40 Lbs.
This 'Cool' Option Includes:

  • 5,000 BTU Air Conditioner
  • Includes custom vent cover to keep AC clean and protects from damage
  • Must be plugged into shore power to operate
  • Perfect for those hot summer camping days!
John Roof Basket Kodiak Outside

Full Roof Rack

Our roof rack system can hold up to 500 Lbs! Throw your kayaks on top and go. Put a storage box up there. How about a roof-top tent to take more friends camping?

Teardrop Camper Kitchen by Rustic Trail Teardrop Campers

Pull Out Kitchen

$760 | Weighs: TBD
This Brand New Option Includes:

  • Kitchen pulls out of underfloor storage
  • Equipped with two burner propane stove
  • Has sink that connects to campsite water
  • Designed for fast & easy cooking!
Rustic Trail Teardrop Camper with ARB Awning

ARB Awning

$410 | 35 Lbs.
Protect your camping crew from the sun and rainstorms with the ARB Awning. Designed to be strong and easy to set up, the awning features anodized height-adjustable telescopic legs. 
Note: Requires the full roof rack option.

Side table for teardrop camper

Outside Table

$85 | 15 Lbs.
Clips onto the door side of the camper. The table fits in the underfloor storage.

Rustic Trail Teardrop Campers Front Rack

Front Rack

$185 | 20 Lbs.
Perfect to store your gear and extra euipment!
Can hold up to 250 Lbs.!

front rack box for teardrop camper

Front Rack Tool Box

$310 | Weighs: 32 Lbs.
Black Diamond Plated toolbox connected to the front rack. Note: Requires the front rack option.

Nylon Canopy

$210 | 15 Lbs.
This canopy style awning is made of nylon and rolls up to attach to the side of the camper just over the door. It comes with the poles needed to ensure proper setup.


Vinyl Stripe

Personalize your RTTC and a splash of color with this FREE 3" vinyl stripe option. Over 20 different color choices are available! Check them out when you build & order your RTTC.

Rustic Trail Teardrop campers Image Logo

More Coming Soon!

RTTC is always coming up with new ways to personalize your camper! Check back often to see what we have added next.