Affordable, Handcrafted, Easy to Tow Campers!

Five Models To Choose From!

Koala Bear

Starting at $4,950
Est. Weight 1,100 Lbs. | 5' Tall
Koala Info

Papa Bear

Starting at $6,700
Weighs 1,295 Lbs. | 4' Feet Tall
Papa Info

Grizzly Bear

Starting at $7,955
Weighs 1,475 Lbs. | 5' Feet Tall
Grizzly Info

Kodiak Stealth

Starting at: $8,995
Weighs 1,525 Lbs. | 5' Tall
Kodiak Info

Polar Bear

Starting at: $9,225
Weighs 1,700 Lbs. | 6' Feet Tall
Polar Info
Rustic Trail Provides Value for Money!

Key Standard Features

3,500 Lb Frame

Teardrop Camper Frame

Electric Brakes

Steep grade ahead sign near woods

15`` Tires & Spare

Grizzly Red Stripe Outside Tire 4
Personalize Your Camper!

Options Galore

Available options vary on each model